Santos Development Capital

Graziela Barrette is the Founder and CEO of Santos Development Capital LLC; her experience began as a former secretary of a Country Club Resort in Brazil, she studied nursing technician and moved to Japan to work in the fashion industry. After years in fashion, she migrated to finance, studied Business Administration in New York, and as an entrepreneur, she secured stable investments in Real Estate, Hospitality, Fashion Services, and Agribusiness.
In 2013, Santos Development Capital LLC was founded in New York with 6th Av signature in Manhattan. With great recognition in the Financial Market, and thinking of expanding businesses, in 2018, Santos Development Capital Intermendiacoes de Negocios LTDA  was born in Brazil,  focused on lasting relations with South America.

Our experience and focus are in connecting companies, most of our experience has been as an independent finder consultant,  specializing in, Real Estate, Biotech, Tech, Oil and Gas, Commodities and Special Opportunities.
Our network of  Debt and Equity Firms, Investment Funds, Banks, and M&As come from the US, Swiss and Brazil, many of whom are looking to invest in the business in the US market, Europe, and South America.

Santos Development Capital's strengths include being acutely aware of the many differences in culture with particular attention to America and  South America.

We're comfortable multitasking, working in a fast environment, and working diligently to accomplish our goals and objectives.
Additional skills include abilities to be an effective communicator in five languages: Portuguese, English, Japanese, Spanish, and Italian.

Santos Development Capital's goals are to build and maintain a profitable rapport with strategic partnerships, clients, supervisors, and peers.

Santos Development Capital LLC