SD Capital, together with the WeCredit offers process management to obtain Financing and Working Capital Lines in the United States and Europe with optimal conditions and from totally transparent processes.

WeCredit has extensive experience in the operationalization of international and national lines of credit, acquired over several years, operating and understand the needs between the companies and International Financial Institutions, consolidated through success stories.


We offer our clients IBP ( Intelligence Business Plan process) and specialized teams with the expertise to obtain fast credit.
We will operate in all phases of the project, from the preparation of the business plan to the interconnection with financial institutions.

Main objectives for Line of Credit.

  •      Stretching short-term debt for the long-term

  •      Expansion of company

  •      New Product

  •      Discharge of bank indebtedness

  •      Tax payment

  •      Purchase of new company

Acquisition of new industrial/commercial / agribusiness

  •      Startup project

  •      Creation of new product

  •      Working capital

  •      Purchase of machines

  •      International Exchange

We are more than 120 professionals working in offices in São Paulo, in addition to being present in New York  and in Geneva, Switzerland.

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